1980-2000 Harley Davidson Super Glide 1.75" Handlebar Risers

Part: BP-M-604

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    • All Harley Davidson models with a 1" diameter handlebar

  • Perfect way to customize your bike to fit your specific needs.
  • Engineered to provide a 1.75" rise in the handlebar's height.
  • Combined rise and set-back of the bars make riding position more natural and ergonomic.
  • Offers a more comfortable ride and less fatigue on the wrists and shoulders.
  • Gives your bike a cool, custom look
  • Made with quality in mind!
  • CNC machined from Aerospace-Grade Billet Aluminium
  • Triple Plated Chrome for a superior finish that is made to last.
  • These risers are designed to easily install within minutes.

**Raising the handlebars on a vehicle may require additional components for the vehicle to operate correctly and safely. Such components may include, but are not limited to: Brake lines, clutch lines, and throttle cables. It is the responsibility of the installer to verify the vehicle is operating correctly and safely after the installation of any aftermarket components.

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